Some of Maple Shade's Stores Over the Years-

Aardvark Record Mart, 6 N. Forklanding Rd.

A & P, Main St., between Maple Ave. and Forklanding Rd.

Acme Market, W. Main St. near Lippincott Ave.

Al's Meat Market, 120 W. Main St.

American Store (Acme) northeast corner of Main St. and Forklanding Rd.

Angelo's And Carl's Barber Shop, 35 E. Main St., corner of Maple Ave.

Ann's Bakery, 312 E. Main St.

Ann's Gift Shoppe, 16 Helen Ave.

The Apparel Shop, "beatsthemall," 12- 14 E. Main St.

Barracks Trading Post, Rt. 38

Barron's (sp?) Fine Furniture, W. Main St.

Kristof Bechler Bakery

Ben Franklin 5 & 10, Main St.

Berg's Confectionery, Main St. and Chestnut ave.

Betty's Luncheonette, Main St. and Pine Ave.

The Brass Monkey (head shop) S. Forklanding Rd.

Brown's Seafood, Main St., Right near where Dr. Sarnow’s old office was.

J. Brubaker & Sons Uniforms. se corner of Main St. and Chestnut Ave.

Buono's Market, 409 S. Forklanding Rd.

Burger Chef, Nichols Shopping Center

Byrd's Diner, corner of W. Main St. and N. Forklanding Rd.

Cardella's store. Holly Ave. and Main St.

Carl’s Barber Shop, it occupied a number of locations in and around main street over the years.

Carmen's Barber Shop, S. Forklanding Rd.

"Carries" a local candy/ice cream store on Forklanding (N.) like across the street from Yocum School.......maybe Orchard/Forklanding........set back quite a bit from street...

"Moms" at the corner of Gradwell and Spruce these two were almost "territorial" in nature.............people from "one side of the tracks" (N vs.S) never went to the other store.........haaaaaaaaa

Carries Store, (Camille Moffa), 717 N. Forklanding Rd., opposite of Lanci Rd.

Central Stationers, 19 E. Main St.

Cesanek's Tot and Needle Shop, 9 E. Main St.

The Chapeau by the Roxy movie - it was a hat shop.

Chernin's Family Shoe Store & Dress Shoppe, 10 W. Main St., near Forklanding Rd.

China Star restaurant, Rt 38 near Buttonwood Ave.

Clifford's Quaker Store, 211 S. Fellowship Rd.

Charlie Brown's Restaurant, Main St. and Spruce Ave.

Chris' Hamburgers, (Chris Sotos was nicknamed "Chris the Greek"), 9 N. Forklanding Rd.

S.C. Childs Store (chain was bought by American Stores in 1917)

The Circle Diner, Maple Shade Circle, Rts. 73 and 38 at Kings Highway

Circle Drive In Theatre, Rt. 38 and 73 circle

J.S. Collins and Son lumberyard, N. Forklanding Rd. and the railroad

Colmont Bakery, S. Forklanding Rd.

Crescent Liquor Store, Main St.

The Custard Stand (official name is/was the Maple Drive-In, Murphy's started it. Before it was their service station.), Main St. and Coles Ave.

The Dance Workshop, 8 W. Main St.

Dee's ...great cheesesteaks and barbecue chicken (rotissere in window) Main St.

Denny’s Farm Market, (fruit and vegetables store) – in one of the one story buildings attached to Barlow Building on S. Forklanding Rd.

Diane Furs, Rt. 38

Diedrich's Bakery, Main St.

DiLucia's School of Music and Music Store, ne corner of Main St. and Poplar Ave.

Dotson's (candy/grocery) on top of the hill on N.Forklanding near Harry's Cleaners. Mr. and Mrs. Dotson lived behind the store front and has been since the fifties...Annas...and a pizza shop.

Pat Duche Dress Shoppe, 18 E. Main St.

Economy Store Co., 17 E. Main St.

Miss Eileen's Dance Studio, E. Main St., near Schuck's

Elaine Shop, 15 E. Main St.

Elite Bakery, Main St. and Pine Ave.

John Ernst Grocery.....Forklanding Rd. next to R.R. station, a dog groomer is there now.This was the Ernst house on top of grocery store.

Erin Cleaners, 115 W. Main St.

Etter's Oyster House, Main St., near Forklanding Rd.

Ethel and Wally's Luncheonette, Broadway and Stiles Ave.

Fahr's, Main St. and Poplar Ave.

I.W. Fastow's 5 cent to 5 dollar store (5&10), Main St.

Nellie Forrest's Confectionary Store, 308 N. Forklanding Rd.

Gale Florists, S. Forklanding Rd.

William Frech Wagon Works, Spruce Ave.

Furniture By Marks, old Acme Market bldg. of 23-25 W. Main St.

Joseph W. Galbreth's saws and lawnmower blade sharpening, 432 Glendale Ave.

Gardiner's farm Market, Rt. 38, west of the Maple Shade Circle

Geller's Delicatessen, (Shirley & Harry Geller), 311 W. Main St.

George's Liquor Store, 16 E. Main St.

Gloria's Snack Bar, 4 S. Forklanding Rd.

Good Spirits Liquor Store, Main St. and Lippincott Ave.

Grand Coach Grille, Rt 73

Mr. Grocer, Mill Rd. and Crawford Ave.

The Groomers Inn, S. Forklanding Rd.

Grooming By Barbara, N. Forklanding Rd.

Harris News Agency, S. Forklanding Rd., was prior on N. Forklanding Rd.

Harry's Cleaners, 300 N. Forklanding Rd.

Henny's Meat Market, Main St. (is that correct?)

Henry's Meat Market, Main St.

Hess' Shoe Store, 38 Spruce Ave.

The Home Plate, Collins Lane

Jack In The Box, Rt. 38 near Lenola Rd.

James Store (later was Ben Franklin 5 & 10 there), Main St.

Jim's Market, 211 S. Fellowship Rd.

Joanne's Beauty Shop, 13 Stiles Ave.

Jobe's Meats and Groceries, or Jobes' Delicatessen, 118 S. Forklanding Rd.

Joe Jacoby's Gameroom. On Main Street, next to Dietrichs Bakery across from Mike's Hardware

and Dutches Hats, Pin ball, etc. app. 1966. Short-lived.

Johnny's Auto Supply, E. Main St.

Johnny's Market, (seafood), 19 E. Main St.

John's Food Market, 409 S. Forklanding Rd. (John Bonamo), In 50's and early 60's. John died. Daughter Margie in Florida. Located at V on S. Forklanding and Gradwell???. Buonos Market is there now. Before that it was Kollers Meats.

Keg Drive-In, (kegs of root beer), Rt. 73 at Stiles Ave.

Kenny's Luncheonette, 318 E. Main St.

Adolf Klinger's Shoe Store, Main St. between N. Maple Ave. and N. Poplar Ave.

Koller's Market, Forklanding Rd. and Sunset Ave. Kristols Men and Boys Shop, Main St.

Kramarski's (sp?) Furniture, Main St., near Poplar Ave.

Lebing's Maple Shop, 2 W. Main St.

Leonard's Department Store, Main St. and Poplar Ave.

Leonhardt's Hardware Store, 20 E. Main St.

Leonettis Pizza (sp?), Main St.

Little Joe's Pizza, Main St. (Best "Panzerottis")

Lorraine Diner, in early 60's, on the corner of Main St. and N. Forklanding Rd.

Lou's Barber Shop, 66 W. Main St.

Mack's Department Store, 123 E. Main St., at Poplar Ave.

Main Hardware............owned by the Swartz family.....we had 2 hardware stores at same time........actually three including Collins Lumber where your could buy the same stuff.........Main Hardware was at 19 W. Main St., on the north side of Main St.

Main Street Music, Main St., was owned by Marty Franzen

Maries, ice cream & penny candy, Elm Ave.

Maries Card Store, (Marie Brong), 365 Elm Ave.

Martha's Beauty Parlor, 50 S. Poplar Ave.

Margaret's paper and candy store on Main St. Pop Walters was known as Margarets in the 50-60's. Run by Ted and Margaret Walters. Ted died in the early 60's. Margaret died in the 70's.

Matlack's Dairy Bar, Moorestown Circle

Maple Cleaners, 316 E. Main St.

Maple Drive-In, (The Custard Stand), Main St. and Coles Ave.

Maple Heights Market, 314 East Main St.

The Maple Kiddie Park, (amusement park, owned by Robert Snyder, Snyder Amusement Co.), Rt. 73 at Fellowship Rd., It was later renamed Ranch Town.

Maple Liquor Store, Rt. 38 and Buttonwood Ave.

Maple Market, 120 W. Main St.

Maple Shade Arts & Drafting, 32 W. Main St.

Maple Shade Book Store, 16 S. Forklanding Rd. (George Weaver owned it.)

Maple Shade Gardens (Joseph Morze, florist), East Woodlawn Ave.

Maple Shade Delicatessen, 16 S. Forklanding Rd.

Maple Shade Music, Main St., near Immanuel Baptist Church

Maple Shade Pastry Shop, W. Main St and Maple Ave.

Maple Shade Pharmacy, the Rexall store, se corner of Main St. and Forklanding Rd.

Maple Shade Racing Center

Maple Shade Roller Drome, sw cor. Rt. 38 and Buttonwood Ave. It was an outdoor roller skating rink.

Maple Shade Window Sales, 223 E. Main St.

Maverick Eating House Diner, W. Main St. near N. Forklanding Rd.

Mennel's Dry Goods Store, southwest corner of Main St. and Spruce Ave.

Mike's Hardware Store, 20 E. Main St.

Mildred's Confectionery, 9 E. Main St.

Moffa's Pioneer Store, 621 N. Forklanding Rd.

"Moms" at the corner of Gradwell Ave. and Spruce Ave.

Mom's Pizza, 316 East Main St. Between Chestnut Ave. and Fellowship Rd. (later W. Main St. in Barlow Bldg.)

Nichols Department Store, Nichols Shopping Center, Rt 38 and Rt 73

Nick's Cold Cuts, 300 N. Forklanding Rd.

O'Donnell's Market, Fellowship Rd.

The Palace (or Red Onion) movie theatre, S. Forklanding Rd.

Parmelee's Drugs, 28 E. Main St.

Pascale's Colonial Tailors, 302 N. Forklanding Rd.

Pat's Steaks, short time, where Jack In The Box was on Rt. 38

Patti Cleaners 120 W. Main St.

Paula's Bakery, Main St.

Paula's Dress Shop, 18 E. Main St.

Peggy's Sea Food, 201 E. Main St.

Penn Jersey Auto Parts, W. Main St.

Pete's Italian Market, In the early 50's. Razed and replaced with Mr. Grocer, Mill Rd. and Crawford Ave. (That was the old Oscar Anderson the builder house.)

Pettit's Drug Store, southeast corner of Main St. and Forklanding Rd.

Prate's Shoe Store, adjacent to Henry's Barber Shop on Main Street in 1956.

Ponderosa Steak House, Lenola Rd.

Prates Market on Spruce Ave. near Center Ave. Cheapest sodas in MS, 6 cents in 1966

Radford Jewelers, 100 E. Main St.

The Rainbow Yarn Shop, (Mrs. Reba Fellner), 261 S. Fellowship Rd.

Ralph's Beauty Salon, Main St. and Fellowship Rd.

Ralph's shoe store in Barlow building on Main St.

Ranch Town, (amusement park, owned by Robert Snyder, Snyder Amusement Co.), Rt. 73 at Fellowship Rd., It was first named the Maple Kiddie Park. They added an "animal farm" of a goat, pig, chickens, and other animals.

Ronnies' Deli, W. Main St.

Renza Music Store, Main St.

Royal Meat Market, 205 E. Main St.

Roxy Theatre, Main St.

Rexall Store, southeast corner of Main St. and Forklanding Rd.

Sam's Barber Shop

Schuck's Luncheonette, 318 E. Main St.

Sealect Seafood, W. Main St.

Shady Maple Deli, W. Main St.

Miss. Shoemaker's ice cream and candy store, Main St., near Forklanding Rd.

Sign Shop, (Ernest Wolff), 116 E. Linwood Ave.

Smith Brothers Drug Store, Main St.

Stanley's Electric Shoe Repair, E. Main St., near Maple Ave.

Sun Ray Drugs, 26 W. Main St.

The Sub Shoppe, Fellowship Rd. and Cherry Ave.

Sweet Shoppe, 117 E. Main St., near Poplar Ave., was next to Leonard's now a furniture store.

3M Meat Market, 2 N. Forklanding Rd.

Tony Shoe Repair, in a little nook right off Main St on N. Maple Ave.

Tories Tailor Shop, Main St.

Towne Crier, W. Main St.

Vince's bakery....before Colmont...Forklanding Rd.

Vince's Barber Shop, Main St. and Fellowship Rd.

Vince’s shoe repair - Right next store to Denny’s Fruit Store. These stores now occupied by gift shop. At one time Carl the barber was in Denny’s fruit store space.

Pop Walters' Confectionery Store, 8 W. Main St.

Watson's Gardens, (florists), 154 S. Fellowship Rd. Waverly Restaurant, Route S-41 & Waverly Ave.

Wawa Food Market, N. Forlanding Rd. and the railroad

Welsh's Auto Supply, 32 W. Main St.

White's Select Shop, 7 E. Main St.

White's Mens and Boys' Shop, 1 E. Main St.

Willner's Liquors

Ye Old Diner, 15 W. Main St.

The Yellow Submarine, North Forklanding Rd.

Zillincar's eggs, the "Egg Man", 239 Orchard Ave. The eggs were in cartons with a can to deposit the money "Honor System". He was a very gentle and kind man.