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COLONIAL VILLAGE / in historic Edgewater Park, N.J.


When I was almost 5 years old, on September 19, 1966, my parents purchased the bi-level house at 331 Lincoln Avenue. My Mom said that it was for sale because it was one of the last ones in the back and the developer wanted to wrap it up and get out of there. That is incorrect, however she could be right in that maybe they were finishing up Section 2 of "Williamsburg." Along the back of the property was the railroad tracks which now the Riverline runs on.

The Hamilton. (like 331 Lincoln Ave.) Ours didn't have a fireplace in the rec room.

My Grandparents on my Father's side had a month previously, on August 22, 1966, bought a split level house at 404 Jefferson Avenue. We only lived at our house for a year and a half but they wound up staying at theirs until 1976. It sure seemed like they lived there a lot more than 10 years when I remember all the family Christmas evenings over their house.

The Edgewood. (like 404 Jefferson Ave.) My Grandparents' one didn't have the garage.

Jacques School- The school I went to Kindergarten at.

Back to my house at 331 Lincoln Ave. I remember going to see it (I think it was it) when the yard was all dirt and being shaped by construction equipment. When we lived there the side walks were brand new and there was tar between the cracks. I will tell more about that later. The deed recital says-

AND being a part of the same land and premises which Williamsburg Homes, Inc.
by indenture bearing date the 10th day of October, 1963. and recorded in the office for the recording of deeds in the county wherein said lands and premises are situate, in Book 1549 of Deeds for said County on Page 572 &c., granted and conveyed unto WILLIAMSBURG DEVELOPERS, INC. the party of the first part in fee.

Our house on Lincoln Ave. was in "Section 2, Williamsburg" and my Grandparents' on Jefferson Ave. was in "Section 1, Williamsburg." There was a Section 3 and Section 4 was in parts like 4a etc...

The side walk tar- Me and my friend Robbie, who lived up the street, took the tar and drew railroad tracks going down the sidewalks and then we drove our tri-cycles on them like we were trains. There was even loop turn arounds in people's driveways.


George Sirott was the builder and his company "Williamsburg Developers" was located in Camden, N.J. Of course there were probably various company names based on the various ventures going on. He built over a half dozen south Jersey developments.

The Vice President of the company was Vincent A. Gianquinto. His name appeared on the early deeds. He was a Vice President of many businesses such as the Peoples Bond & Mortgage Co., the Kardon Investment Co. and the One Thirty Corp. He was also at one time a "Levitt & Sons" Vice President or associate of some kind. Near the end of his career he became a developer running things himself.

The Williamsburg subdivision(s) in Edgewater Park, N.J. started in 1959 and the company's ads ran in the newspapers from 1959 to the end of 1970. After that I think they took a year or so to wrap up the final houses and sales.

Some Company Names-

Williamsburg Developers, Inc.
716 Federal Street, Camden, NJ

Scott-Shaw, Inc. (George Sirott President)
716 Federal Street, Camden, NJ

Woodlane Realty Inc.
716 Federal Street, Camden, NJ

From a newspaper, August 14, 1955
George Sirott's first Edgewater Park development

From the Courier Post newspaper, January 23, 1962

From the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, October 7, 1962

The following article is from the Courier Post newspaper June 6, 1964-

700 Families in Williamsburg Village

Visitors to Williamsburg Colonial Village in Edgewater Park this weekend will find another major phase of the community's development completed, it was announced by Vincent Gianquinto, vice president of the development firm. Woodlane rd., principal access to Williamsburg from Rt. 130, has been widened to 40 feet and completely repaved with black-top surfacing, he said.

Branching off from Rt. 130 at the Willingboro Shopping Center, Woodlane rd. serves all sections of Williamsburg Colonial Village and continues through to River rd. Two completed sections of the community and Section 3, in which construction of homes is now about three-fourths finished, are generally to the south of the new road, while Section 4, site of Williamsburg's four furnished sample homes and an exhibit building, and a large additional acreage yet to he developed are on the opposite side.

The community has more than 700 families and more than 500 additional homes are planned. Exhibit homes open for inspection include:

The "Wythe," a three-bed-room, brick-front split-level featuring 1 1/2 baths, finished recreation room and two large storage rooms.

The "Prescott," a four bed room, split-level with 1 1/2 baths, recreation room, utilty room and oversized garage.

The "Webster," a four bed room, bi-level rancher, 1 1/2 baths, recreation room and two-car garage.

The "Stanton," a two-story Colonial with four bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths (a second full title bath is optional), finished family room, and oversized garage, a total of 2,600 square feet of living space.

Architecture and interior decor of all four models are in the Colonial mood. All feature generously proportioned rooms, spacious modern kitchens with attractive breakfast areas, hardwood floors, tile window sills, and basements providing ample storage. play and hobby space.

All lots in the new sections are 1/4-acre or larger, land-scaped and attractively spaced on tree-lined curvilinear streets. Sidewalks and streets are paved and lighted, and all utilities are installed and paid for by the builder.

Public and parochial schools, churches of all denominations, and outstanding shopping facilities are within easy reach.

Here is a portion of an article from the Courier Post newspaper, June 11, 1966, leaving out the going over of the sample models-

Reporting a vigorous sales "boom" at Williamsburg Colonial Village here. Vincent Gianquinto, vice president of Williamsburg Incorporated, the builder, said twice as many homes already have been sold in the community this year as were sold in 1965.

The third section is nearly sold, with only 10 lots left out of 169, he said, and the fourth section will he opened by early fall. In all, more than 800 homes have been sold since the community was started, Gianquinto said.

"Judging from both the number of visitors and their reactions and comments since the start of the current home-buying season," he said, "it looks as though 1966 may easily be Williamsburg's biggest year to date."

He cited increasing interest in the Burlington area, Edgewater Park's low tax rate, and eagerness to beat further increases in home prices which are foreseen as the result of rising labor and material costs.

Where is the Williamsburg section of Edgewater Park?-

I didn't, at least of yet, go to the County Clerk's Office and look up the subdivision plan maps but I did search out some houses on various streets at the County Clerk's online website to get a general idea.

There is actually several developments now grouped together. Keep in mind Capitol Hill was owned by the Sirott family with George Sirott as President. Obviously they switched gears and didn't continue more under that name but went with Williamsburg for the rest of their tracts.


(Plan of Robinhood, Aug. 15, 1955)

211 Coolidge Ave.

1111 Laurel Road, Section 1, Plan of Robinhood (dated Aug. 15, 1955 and filed in Office County Clerk)

101 South Garden Blvd.

Capitol Hill

(Plan of Lots of Capitol Hill, filed Nov. 2, 1955, Map #1307)

406 Taft Place
211 Hendrickson Road
400 Cherrix Ave.
32 Washington Ave.

Edgewater Park Village-

125 East Franklin Ave.

208 East Franklin Ave., First revised Plan of Lots, Edgewater Park Village

111 Stevenson Ave.

208 Stevenson Ave., as shown on map of "First Revision of Plan of Lots of Edgewater Park Village, Sections 2 and 3 (dated Sept. 15, 1958, filed on March 19, 1959 as Map #1310)

Del Vue Homes-

219 Ivy Road, Plan of Lots, Section 2, Del Vue Homes, (dated July 19, 1960, filed on Dec. 2, 1960 as Map #7515)

206 Dogwood Road, (Section 2)

311 North Garden Blvd., Plan of Lots of Del Vue Homes (dated July 15, 1959, filed on Jan. 20, 1960 as Map #1314)


212 Lincoln Ave., Plan of Section 1, Williamsburg,
First sold on July 12, 1961 to Joseph C. Wilkinson and Jeanette F. Wilkinson h/w by deed from Capitol Hill Developers, Inc., a New Jersey corporation. deed book 1478, page 828

404 Jefferson Ave., Plan of Section 1, Williamsburg (dated March 14, 1959, Filed June 16, 1959 as Map #1311)

221 Roosevelt Ave., (second house from water tower) Plan of Section 2, Williamsburg

331 Lincoln Ave., Plan of Section 2, Williamsburg (dated May 11, 1959, filed on Jan. 20, 1960 as map #1313) Being a part of the same land and premises which Williamsburg Homes, Inc. on Oct. 10, 1963, deed book 1549, page 572 granted and conveyed unto Williamsburg Developers, Inc.

213 North Arthur Drive, Plan of Section 3, Williamsburg (dated April 11, 1961, filed on August 8, 1962 as Map #0140)

433 South Arthur Drive, Plan of Section 3, Williamsburg

206 Colonial Road, Williamsburg Section 4A, (dated April 24, 1962, filed on Sept. 13, 1966 as Map #0513) Being part of the land and premises which Capitol Hill Builders, Inc., on Oct. 10, 1963, in deed book 1549, page 575 granted and conveyed to Williamsburg Developers, Inc.

207 Cardinal Road, Williamsburg Section 4B, (dated Oct. 30, 1964, filed on April 15, 1965 as Map #0390) Being part of the land and premises which One Thirty Corporation on Dec. 15, 1964, in deed book 1579, page 958 granted and conveyed to Williamsburg Developers, Inc.

A Remax website had these outlines for 3 Edgewater Park subdivisions.
They seem to jive with the houses I looked into above. I don't know offhand how accurate the exact outlines are.
I wish the rest of Williamsburg wasn't off the image but you get the idea.

From a August 1968 newspaper. It should read "3 new models."
I put this model first as it mentions the Peoples Bond & Mortgage Co.
There is a newspaper article explaining their financing the building of 50 homes.

The Wythe is featured in several advertisements.

I am thinking the Wythe (above house) was a new name for the Adams.
There is another house it looks like they renamed along the way as well.
The Stanton and the Ashley look the same, which ever name came first I don't know.

It doesn't say it here but this is a Regent model.

I had to get the full photo and caption in for my family's old house.
We had a rec room downstairs across the back with a powder room where I spent a lot of time.
-Dennis Weaver

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Most all of the house model photos and articles are from the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.
I got the images from
If anyone has any original house model brochures or early photos to share let me know. My email is-
-Dennis Weaver