Early History of the Maple Shade Fire Department

Maple Shade's first fire apparatus (fire wagon)

William Frech standing in front of the first ambulance.

Testing Pumper 1926

The following article is from the Maple Shade Progress newspaper, February 24, 1955-

Early Maple Shade Fire Chiefs-

Walter Shepherd was the first chief,
William Walls was second,
William Frech was third (20 years),
Alfred C. Brooks was fourth (20 years),
Frederick Wm. Moore was fifth.

Alfred C. Brooks became a member of the company in 1920, was elected Chief in November 1935 and retired in November 1955. His Testimonial Dinner was the first public affair held in the new fire station on South Maple Ave.

From the 1923 Sanborn Insurance maps

From the 1929 Sanborn Insurance maps

From the 1944 Sanborn Insurance maps

Back of the program booklet from the dedication of the new First Aid Squad building in 1969

The old Maple Shade Municipal Building built in 1927 which was where the Police and Fire Departments were.

Maple Shade Fire Department Hahn 750 GPM truck (750 Gallon Per Minute pump)

A Maple Shade Fire truck in front of the Maple Shade Fire Department on South Maple Ave.

The First Aid Squad was in the same building as the fire department, the smaller garage doors to the left, until they built their own building across the street, dedicated on May 17th 1969.

The Maple Shade Fire Department and First Aid Squad in 1967

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A Thanks goes to the Maple Shade Historical Society for letting me share their Fire Dept. related pictures. Many came from Frank Brooks.