Margaret Brown subdivision of The Orchards

On August 14, 1912 Margaret Brown, wife of Robert W. Brown, purchased lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and acre lots 16 and 17 of the Plan of The Orchards from attorney John F. Harned and Helen B. his wife. She took title under deed book 485, page 46. She would later buy one or more lots along Main Street.

John Harned owned what is mostly the old Levi Lippincott farm for Barlow & Co. Most of the lots were "One Acre Farms." It is interesting to see on the deed (book 485, page 48)- Witnessed by James S. Gradwell who was an attorney who had offices with John F. Harned.

Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16 and 17 was prime real estate!

James S. Gradwell and Helen B. Harned had streets named after them.

When Barlow & Co. relocated their office from Holly Avenue to Main Street and Forklanding Road they had to buy lots from Margaret Brown.

Someone is buying lots from Margaret Brown. Her subdivision is the Plan of Margaret Brown subdivision of The Orchards.
Margaret Ave. is a paper road. It was not on the plan of The Orchards.

The Barlow Building-

Original brick one story Barlow Building built in 1917 by Oscar Anderson.

In 1912 Thomas J.S. Barlow Sr. formed Barlow & Company with his sons, Thomas J.S. Barlow Jr., Frederick A. Barlow, adopted son Edwin F. D'Ancona as a salesman and son-in-law Charles Frederick Vogdes.

They had a small Barlow real estate office at the corner of Main and Holly in front of their house. Later about 1916 a small wooden frame office was built at the south west corner of Main Street and Forklanding Road. In 1917 a one story brick office was built and called the "Barlow Building." This is documented in the Maple Shade Progress newspapers.

When the building was enlarged and the second floor was added-

From the Camden Post Telegram newspaper, May 3, 1923-
Work has begun on an addition to the office of the Barlow & Co., Inc., local real estate developers. The addition will be two stories, 100 X 80. The lower part will be utilized in additional office room while the second floor will be fitted as a modern hall.

The builder for Barlow & Company was Oscar H. Anderson. John F. Harned, a Camden Attorney, bought several farms, and Horace Roberts, an orchard farmer from Moorestown, bought many farms for Barlow & Company to sell lots, mainly "One Acre Farm" lots.

Barlow & Company incorporated in 1921 with Thomas Barlow Sr. retired and his sons running the company. His son Thomas Barlow Jr. opened a branch office in Lenola in that same year.

In the year 1922 we see many newspaper advertisements for "Barlow Built Bungalows." In 1922 and 1923 hundreds were built.-Segment from the book "Maple Shade a Village in Chester Township" by Dennis Weaver

Lot 1 on the Plan of "The Orchards" was sold from Margaret Brown of Atlantic City to Thomas J.S. Barlow on April 3, 1914 under deed book 503, page 107.

Lot 2 on the Plan of "The Orchards" was sold from Margaret Brown of Germantown, Pennsylvania to Thomas J.S. Barlow on October 8, 1918 under deed book 548, page 363.

The following deed says that the Barlow Building is on Lot No. 1 and part of Lot No. 2 on the Plan of "The Orchards"-

The Barlow Building was sheriff saled to the highest bidder Attorney George B. Evans of Moorestown. On June 7, 1934 under deed book 828, page 24, it became George B. Evan's who converted it into apartments upstairs and renamed it "the Evans Building."

A 1923 Sanborn Insurance map detail. In 1921 the brick houses (one was later Harris News Agency) two lots was sold by Margaret Brown to Irving Collins and was designated as a part of Lot 16 on the Plan of "The Orchards." (Reference deed book 592, page 106) Given that and the fact that there is no Margaret Avenue or an 8+ feet wide alley road between S. Forklanding Road and Margaret Ave. I would say that Margaret Brown didn't make her subdivision plan yet.

The two brick houses with store front additions in 2003.

The Maple Shade Post Office from 1926 to 1946 was at 16 South Forklanding Road.

I had assumed that 16 South Forklanding Road was built in 1926 for the purpose of being a Post Office. This is incorrect.

In 1923 in a deed intended to be recorded," Margaret Brown sold two lots to Thomas J.S. Barlow Jr. In 1924 under deed book 629, page 127 Thomas J.S. Barlow Jr. sold it to Samuel Smith.

In 1944 under deed book 980, page 447 Samuel Smith sold the house. The next owner sold it in 1946 under deed book 1012, page 207. One might assume perhaps because the Post Office was moved to Main Street and Margaret Avenue in that year. Anyhow we see the Twp. must have rented the store first floor for the Maple Shade Post Office.

Samuel Smith's store and apartment house over the store, in deed book 629, page 127 was a double lot. (50 feet then) which went to the 8+ foot wide alley road.

The 1930 Census lists a Samuel Smith as living on East Linwood Ave. and working as a Plumber.

A 1929 Sanborn Insurance map detail is very good in that it shows under Samuel Smith's ownership of 16 South Forklanding Road that it is still a double lot, 50 feet wide, which extended to the alley. That the store is being used for the Maple Shade Post Office. That in the back is a building for keeping plumbing supplies.

1944 Sanborn Insurance map detail

Kristof and Josef Bechler bought lots from Margaret Brown or Thomas Barlow or Edwin F. D'Ancona on Main Street, west of the Barlow Building. Kristof had a bakery. Later there was a beer garden and possibly what was lastly Ernesto's Bar. ??

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Below is information (not a quote) from the "Maple Shade A Story of 300 Years" book by the Cutler family-

The first service was attended by ten persons who assembled in the Barlow Building on June 26, 1927. For a number of the congregation held their services in the Square Club on North Fellowship Road (Now the Masonic Building).

The Rev. Ralph J. Steinhauer began his pastorate in 1934, and plans were soon started for the Church on South Forklanding Road. The building has an interesting history in that the stone walls, front doors, and timbers were reused from the old Camden City Hall which was at the time being torn down. The new Church was completed and dedicated on February 17, 1935.

In May of 1961, a new sanctuary was built beside the older building, pictured here, which was then used as the Educational Building.

Chain of Title-

Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Maple Shade
took title on July 2, 1929
under deed book 735, page 278
Lots sold by Antonio Fontano and Josephine Fontano, his wife

Lots Nos. 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, on the Map or Plan of Margaret Brown subdivision of "The Orchards"


Antonio Fontano and Josephine Fontano, his wife
took title on January 2, 1924
under deed book 627, page 178
sold by Margaret Brown and Robert W. Brown, her husband

Lots Nos. 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 12A, 13A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 17A, 18A, 19A, on the Map or Plan of Margaret Brown subdivision of "The Orchards"


Margaret Brown
took title on August 14, 1912
under deed book 485, page 46
sold by John F. Harned and Helen B. Harned, his wife