The Pioneer Lands now Maple Shade, NJ

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First three surveys-

1682 Nov. 14. for John Roberts, of 267 a. at the Indian town of Pemisoakin between two branches of Cimsissinck Cr.

1682 Nov. 14. for Timothy Hancock, of 100 a. at Pemisoakin, adjoining John Roberts.

1682 Nov. 14. for William Matlack, of 100 a. at Pemisoakin betw. two branches of Simsissinck Cr. next to Timothy Hancock.

I do not think any of them settled on their lands until 1684.

Deeds to William Matlack-

William Matlack was the indentured servant to Daniel Wills and possibly also Thomas Olive for 4 years to pay for his passage from England.

In 1684 Thomas Olive conveyed 100 acres of land to William Matlack "for and in Consideration of the four years service and three pounds current County pay to him performed and Secured by the said William Matlack". This deed is probably the source used by those who say Thomas Olive held his indenture.

On the 25th of March, 1695, Timothy Hancock of Pennsauquin in the County of Burlington, yeoman, sold to William Matlack of the same place, carpenter, for the sum of fifty two pounds current money 100 acres. This land was between the land of John Roberts and William Matlack.

The Clarkes-

1684 Oct.- Do. Do. for William Clarke, of 100 a. between the two branches of Pemisoakin Cr., E. John Roberts.        pg. 82

1684 10th m. (Dec.) Do. Do. Do. for John Clarke and Jno Rudderowe, of 650 a. between the North and South branches of Pemisoakin Cr., adjoining Wm. Clarke.        pg. 77

The following is a quote from the "Roberts Monument book"-
In 1703 she (Sarah Roberts, the widow of John Roberts) bought of William Clark one hundred acres of land adjoining the original 267 acre tract on the west. This tract had been sold in 1686 by Perceval Towle to William Clark, father of the above William. The younger William was settled upon it, and was consequently a neighbor of John and Sarah Roberts.

John Rudderow, Chain of Title

Surveyed for John Rudderow in 1684 was 475 acres of the 650 acres of land lying between the forks of the Pennsauken Creek owned by James Read. John Clarke bought 300 acres of this in 1684.

Tract One
John Rudderow
took title on December 27, 1694
under Deed book AAA, page 357
From George Hutcheson
Containing 125 acres of land
George Hutcheson, attorney for the Estate of John Penford
(Note- John Penford was one of the London Commissioners. The Burlington Court book, in the beginning writeup, says his name doesn't appear in court records because he returned to England.)

Tract Two
John Rudderow
took title on February 23, 1697
under Deed book AAA, page 362
From James Read of New Castle
for the Consideration of the sum of thirty one pounds and ten shillings current money
Containing 350 acres of land

Between James Read of New Castle, husband of Sarah formerly the wife of John Smith yeoman dec'd, of the one part and John Rudderow Yeoman of the other part

Whereas the said John Smith in his life time by his last will and testament did give and bequeath his land in the said Province of West Jersey unto the said Sarah his then wife to be wholly at her dispose And whereas the said James Read afterwards by Virtue of his intermarriage with the said Sarah (who ? ? dec'd) lawfully ?? as of yet unconveyed...

Robert Stiles 1, Chain of Title

Robert Stiles
took title on July 27, 1695
under Deed book D, page 94
From Charles Reade of Philadelphia, Tailor
for the sum of sixty pounds
Containing 425 acres of land

Which said land and meadow was purchased by the sd Charles Reade the one hundred and twenty five acres thereof from Joseph Adams and Mary his wife by Indenture bearing the date the thirteenth day of August Anno Domini 1694 and one hundred and twenty five acres of it (wch makes up the Compleat Quantity of 425 acres above granted) from George Hutcheson by Indenture bearing the date the Twenty sixth day of September Anno Domini 1694

(Note- You can read this deed in the book Moorestown Old And New by James C. Purdy.)


Charles Reade land-

1694 Dec. -. Do. Do. for Charles Reade, of 425 a. within the bounds of the 650 a. lot, surveyed to John Clarke and John Rudderow (supra, p. 77), betw. the North and the South branches of Pensoakin Creek, William Clarke and John Walker; incl. 10 a. of meadow in two lots, vizt: 1, 6 a. below John Rudderow's house on the creek; 2, 4 a. above said house on the creek.        pg. 116

Tract One
Charles Reade of Philadelphia, Tailor
took title on August 13, 1694
under Deed book B, page 400
From Joseph Adams, Tailor, and Mary his wife
for the sum of thirty three pounds
Containing Three hundred Acres of land lying & being between the two branches of the Pensaukin Creek

Which three hundred acres is part of a purchase of six hundred & fifty Acres of land made by one John Clarke of Pennsylvania dec'd, and John Ruderow of James Reade of White Clay Creek, Pa., and wife Sarah and by said Clarke bequeathed unto his three friends, Benard Littlejohn, the above named Mary (then Chapman, now) Adams and her sister Christian, now the wife of Michael Buffin, each of them 100 Acres as by the last will & testament of the said John Clarke bearing date of July 16, 1685. Littlejohn dec'd left Mary, now the wife of Joseph Adams rightfully purchased two hundred acres of sd land (?) other hundred acres purchased by Joseph Adams of said Michael Buffin & Christian his wife date 20th day of (?) 1688.....

1694 Aug. 13. Do. Joseph Adams of Burlington, tailor, and wife Mary, relict and administratrix of Bernard Littlejohn, to Charles Reade of Philadelphia, tailor, for 300 acres between two branches of Pensaukin Creek, part of the 650 a. bought by John Clarke of Pennsilvania dec'd, and John Ruderow of James Reade of White Clay Creek, Pa., and wife Sarah and by said Clarke bequeathed to Bernard Littlejohn, the said Mary (then Chapman, now) Adams and her sister Christian, now the wife of Michael Buffin, each to have 100 acres, of which said Littlejohn left 100 to his wife Mary, now wife of Joseph Adams, and the other second 100 was bought by Adams of Michael Buffin and wife.        pg. 400

Tract Two
Charles Reade of Philadelphia, Tailor
took title on September 26, 1694
under Deed book B, page 459
From George Hutcheson
for the sum and Consideration of Eight pounds lawful money
(I can hardly read it. All I see is five acres ? -den)

(Note- George Hutcheson was an attorney who bought and sold real estate for clients.)

Back to the Tract One land-

Joseph Adams
took title on ?
He married Benard Littlejohn's widow and got 100 acres then bought the other 200 acres from the other two heirs of John Clarke.


John Clarke of Burlington, Mason
took title on November 29, 1684
under Deed book B, page 237
From James Read, et ux
for the sum and Consideration of sixteen pounds lawful money
Containing 300 acres of land

Between James Read of White Clay Creek in the County of New Castle within the territories of Phila, Pennsylvania yeoman & Sarah his wife, late the wife of John Smith, of the County aforesaid and John Clarke of Burlington ...

John Smith the Late Husband of this said Sarah... bequeath unto the said Sarah his wife all his lands on the East side of the Delaware River ...

1684 Nov. 29. Deed. James Read of White Clay Creek, New Castle Co., Penna., and wife Sarah, late the wife of John Smith of the same Co. dec'd, to John Clarke of Burlington, mason, for 300 acres in the Second Tenth of W. J., formerly belonging to said Smith.        pg. 237


John Smith land

1689 April 4. Affidavit. Thomas Revell of Boythorp testifies, that John Smith dec'd, by nuncupative will gave his lands in W. J. to his wife Sarah, now the wife of James Read; also that John Smith had a deed for one "propriety of land" in W. J., from which affiant was to make a deed to Mathew Allen, which was burnt with said Smith's house, without being recorded.        pg. 230

Samuel Burrough land, now Alden Park-

Land to Samuel Burrough Jr. of Waterford from Samuel Burrough Sr. of Chester
April 1, 1774
Deed book A-1, page 232
Court Common Pleas November 16, 1775

Mentioned in the deed is the Alden Park land-

Robert Turner bearing date the 26th day of the fourth Month Anno Domini 1689 for the Consideration there in mentioned did grant bargain & sell unto John Walker One hundred Acres part thereof which sd. one hundred Acres he the said John Walker caused to be Surveyed and located within the Township of Chester in the County of Burlington and Province of and the sd. John Walker was possessed of the same and by Deed bearing date the first day of the ninth Month anno Domini 1712 and is Recorded in the Records of New Jersey within the County of Gloucester in Liber A folio 209 for the Consideration therein mentioned did grant bargain & sell unto Samuel Burrough Father to the above mentioned Samuel Burrough the whole of the afsd. One hundred Acres of Land situate in Chester afsd. whereby he the sd. Samuel Burrough Father to the first above mentioned Samuel Burrough the whole by the Several Conveyances to him.

Here is the quote- Burrough1712.jpg

And further back-
Samuel Burrough made a Will June 19, 1720, N. J. Arch, of Wills Vol. II. pg. 77
Burroughs, Samuel of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman. Son, Samuel, to have 200 acres of land I live on, bought of Richard Bromley and 100 acres on the other side of the creek, bought of John Walker,

Samuel Burroughs of Waterford, yeoman, wrote his will 19 June 1720, which was proved 31 Mar 1732.

One reason the early colonists settled where they did was because of family and friends. John Roberts had lived in Willingboro where nearby him lived an indentured servant, William Matlack. William Matlack married Mary Hancock, the sister of Timothy Hancock. John Roberts, Timothy Hancock, and William Matlack and their families settled between the two branches of the Pennsauken Creek. Their land went from creek to creek and was surveyed in straight parallel lines.

William and John Clarke then settled next to them.

Surveyed with John Clarke's land was land for John Rudderow. He was not a Quaker and was discontent to stay in the colonies. He stayed and married Lucy Stiles. The Robert Stiles family bought land near his because they were now family.

Some items are abstracts from New Jersey Archive books or from other books and some from copies of deeds on microfilm from NJ State Archives, Trenton, NJ.

Also to note- Some of the Rudderow land is now in the township of Cinnaminson.

Here are scans of old deeds from microfilm printouts from visits to the NJ State Archives in Trenton and map plottings I did. Also a few other items.- Old Deeds

Also here are some historical New Jersey books