Picture Puzzle Pages

If you think they can't be done, look I did one! (sort of) Hahaha!
Actually the ones with 4 people are good to start out with perhaps because you can put them in a different order or even mix their bodies up for fun.

Here are the puzzle pages so far-

1. Picture Puzzles

Alphabet in script letters puzzle, Popeye puzzle, Speed Racer puzzle, and Jesus holding a lamb puzzle

2. MORE Picture Puzzles

Beach Beauties puzzle, the Crucifixion by Pablo Picasso puzzle, Rocky and Bullwinkle puzzle, and S.S. Adams Co. boxtop puzzle

3. AND MORE Picture Puzzles

"Fifteen Puzzle," The Boston Puzzle boxtop puzzle, Universal Monsters puzzle, and a Kapa guitar puzzle

On last check- The puzzles no longer work with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. They work fine with the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Do you want these puzzles to play with offline? Click on the link below and right click the Puzzle.html and didit.JPG and each of the 3 puzzle folders and choose "download," then in your downloads folder in your Documents, Extract the zip files and move them to where you want them. Please do not put these pages online unless you make your own puzzle pictures. All I did was make the images. The script was taken from a Geocities website in 1998 or 1999 and has been on a Floppy disk all these years. Enjoy!

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