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1922- 2022
100th Anniversary

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Maple Shade history
Chester Township

Good Books-

Cowboy Mission, Tiver farm
Emma Brooks' childrens book
Phil Flanders Moorestown books
Dennis Weaver's history books
John Flack's Evesham book

Maple Shade Historians:

Matlack Family Historians
Asa Matlack Notes
Den's History Talks
Corrections to Arcadia book

Maple Shade Nostalgia:

Custard Stand lot
Oldest Church Building in MS
Arthur Tippett, Christ Free Church
Arthur Tippett, Hustling Parson
Loux Theatre
The 1930s- The Depression
Jaycees Carnival

Township Historical Sites:

The Maple Shade Train Station
The Collins Lane House
Chesterford School
Burrough, Kaighn, Tippet, Schoolhouse
Old Burl. County District Schools

Pioneer Families:

Pioneers Lands page
Burrough family
Chalkley Matlack talks Ben Stiles Family
Thorne Family and Perry Frisby
Roberts-Lippincott-Mason farmhouse

From Farmland to Suburb:

Alden Park- Tiver farm
Maplewood Apartments Land
Maple Shade Village- a German Town
Maple Shade Timeline 1900-1950
Thomas Barlow and Barlow & Co.
Barlow & Co. Advertisements
Margaret Brown Subdivision

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MS Stores Over The Years
Parade of Business
Olt family
Snyder Amusement Co.
Coat Factory- Municipal Bldg.
Barlow Mansion Over Years
Maple Shade Gambling Casino

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Old Bench Marks
Talk and early actions of Public State Aid paid roads. (The Moorestown and Camden Turnpike was purchased by the County in 1907 due to Trolleys.)
Travels and Events of
Nathan Perkins Book

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Old NJ Maps- Rutgers
Villanova Library 1877 Atlas
1847 map with Maple Shade area
1853 map with Maple Shade area
1877 map with Maple Shade area (But can get whole map image from Villanova College site)
Some Sanborn Insurance maps in color. Has Maple Shade 1923
Here is just MS Sanborn- MS 1923 Sanborn maps

Other Historical Projects-

Moorestown- Out In The Country
Back To The Country
200th Anniversary of a 21st Birthday

(pdf books and movie slideshow)

Moorestown Related pages-

Moorestown Our Neighbor
Old House Shed Additions
Rogers/Collins Dev. Moorestown
More For Phil (Moorestown Tidbits)
Moorestown Separates in 1922
Moorestown Pre Separation Elections
The Hooton or Hooten Page

Other Items-

Williamsburg section Edgewater Park, NJ
Horace Roberts PDF EXTRACT files
Nathan Perkins Vs. Turnpike Co.


New book out- "Pioneer Families' Houses of the Maple Shade Area"
You can purchase at my Lulu page at top left of this webpage. The "trilogy" is the Pioneer Families' Houses then Maple Shade a Village then Maple Shade Celebrate 100 Years. The Ben Stiles book is also good to add.

Pioneer Families book contents (The book is written in old script)-

New pages-

Pioneers Lands page
Maplewood Apartments Land

I Had to re-do some of my Perry Frisby page (top write up)
Cause originally done in 2008.
I could trace title chains but didn't have right focus in the page. Something like that.
Thorne Family and Perry Frisby


I was looking at West Jersey History Project and downloaded the Clement re-drawn old surveys and found this and extracted the PDF page- Reuben Burrough land in 1828

Rose Ave. is where the "Old Moorestown Road" is which was the road from Schoolhouse Lane at Kings Highway to Cooper's Ferry referred as the old Market Road. The map shows the Chesterford Schoolhouse on the "New Moorestown Road." The grist mill at the end of "Rose Ave" although the Alden Park segment is probably curved a little. It shows Joseph Burrough's old saw mill near the creek that crosses Church Rd near the school. It shows the Custard Stand lot once the tollgate house lot was originally Burrough's land but Charles Coles sold it to the Stiles family who owned the Levi Lippincott and high school land. This happened after a road would go through as to clean up the boundaries, and not have a small portion of one person's land on the other side of a road. It shows Thorne land owned by Perry Frisby a colored farmer and Asa R. Lippincott- a Thorne descendant. This is a redrawn survey with update notes done by John Clement.

As Jackie Gleason would say, "How sweeeeeeet it is!"

Here is another John Clement survey drawing of the Samuel/ Enoch Roberts land. The Public Road is Mill Road and right where it meets the creek near Rt. 38 was the Roberts' saw mill. Nearby was Leconey's grist mill.- Roberts land

That is about the two best pages which pertain to the Maple Shade area. Both are in Book 4. There is a few more Burrough land pages (also in Book 4). Clement's surveys are mostly all Camden County. Well he does have a few Burlington County ones in the Pines area I believe.

From Moorestown Historical Society's Facebook site. The current bridge is now being repaired.

The coat factory was the building rehabbed into the Maple Shade Municipal Building.

"Celebrate" book's contents-

"Village" book's contents-

There are many items repeated and even expanded upon in the "Celebrate" book but for the earlier history of the train station, information on the Moorestown & Camden Turnpike, trolley, older residents from late 1800s this is the one to get for that.

The Story-
The Toll Road-
The Trolley-
The Train Station-
A House and a Blacksmith Shop-
A German Town-
Other New Comers-
The Two Churches-
The Schools-
The Two Brickyards-
Early Directories-
The Two Realtors-
Horace Roberts-
Police and Fire Departments-

The Township or a group involved with the Township is having events throughout this year of Maple Shade's 100th anniversary-
MS 100 Events

New page-

Loux Theatre

100 Year Anniversary-

2022 is the year of Maple Shade's 100th anniversary as a township.

Here are some big years-
1922 Moorestown with Lenola separates from Chester Twp. to become "Moorestown."
1922-23 Barlow Built Bungalows are built by the 100s chiefly in the Maple Heights section of town.
1925- Water plant
1926- Dedicated Maple Shade Post Office at 16 South Forklanding Rd.
1927- Municipal Building housing Police and Fire Depts built
1927- Sewer system

I phased out much of this website. (Still going to be here and have some stuff up) I do not want to encourage people to take history for granted and not support the Maple Shade Historical Society. I have been making books which cover much and in some ways more than what has been up at the site.

I hope people will buy the books as that is the direction I am taking to document and share history.

I will be putting a lot of stuff back up that was taken down.

Dennis Weaver
May 20, 2022

Lulu book known mistakes- Pre April 6, 2022

(On April 6, 2022 the books were updated/ revised.)-

Village book mistakes-

All the below fixed.

I should have taken a half a page or whole page explaining Chester Township. The books are meant to be a series in time but I still should have explained more.

Introduction I lightened up on Patterson house from I find no hard evidence to Is there enough evidence?

page 2

the years for Harry Gilbert from Frank Kozempel is wrong. It was 1893- 1921.

Page 79-

Mary Myers was the sister of Christian Frech's wife Louisa and of Henry J. Fahr.

It should have said "Henry F. Fahr."

Page 83-

A brick store front addition was added to the "Myer's house" by builder Fred Fister for Amos Ferro, of Anna Avenue, who purchased the property. It was called the "Ferro Building."

I should have added that until recent years there was a small sign over a door that said "Ferro Building."

Page 122-

Henry B. Coles' mansion was at the southwest corner of Main Street and Coles Avenue, previously called Cooper Landing Road.

It should add the name- Cooperstown road, but luckily that name is mentioned on page 130

Back cover write up changed from the "tossed out of the nest" to something nice sounding.

Pictures book-

corrected and revised but still not total control on color tints from Lulu.

Roberts Memorial book-

Page 4-

and that I was a much younger man then he was, he would like for us to go out there some day and he would show me the exact place, then I might tell those yet younger then myself,

The two "then" should be "than." fixed.

Celebrate 100 Years book mistakes-

Page 113 not corrected cause probably correct anyhow.-

Page 29 where it says the date the separation went into effect. I cannot find where I got that information but left it as I am certain that I didn't make it up.

page 113- Corrected on March 8, 2023.

Where it says that eventually Eckard Gibbs became the water plant operator. 95% sure that is most likely incorrect. Does not match census info also.

I got caught up in "Having to know who" and in all the work just quickly copied from the Maple Shade A Story of 300 Years book by the Cutler family. That has many errors and should not be quickly copied from!!!!!

Well actually their book is correct that he was first, but then shortly after Earle W. Johnson complained and stopped it. I bet Brooks was the one who got the position but not positive. I rewrote it as he eventually got the posititon. I have to omit the sentence if I do correct the books. Sorry. That's how you know you haven't arrived yet if you lightly quote or source information.

page 81- Corrected on March 8, 2023.

It says Charles S. Vogdes instead of Charles F Vodges. The newspaper itself actually has "Charles S. Vodgef." So I did fix one thing but not the other.

Pioneers Houses book mistakes-

In Chester Brick School pages says "a needles and thread" Should be "needle" I fixed now but the first 30 copies which I ordered have "needles."

On a page with Roberts house on Mill Road I have razed for parking lot for Mill Road school. I should capitalize School.

In Rudderow land I have a note about how missing some acres which is okay but then say about how they would originally give you extra acres. My weak math mind still don't know but I think somehow I got reversed.

The John Clement map showing Roberts saw mill pond and LeConey's grist mill pond I said he drew it in the 1800s. Would be better if I narrowed it down to more than sometime in a century.

All the mistakes were fixed on April 27, 2023. I am sorry for the first 30 copies having them but it takes me time to find them and I am always so excited to publish.

I found another mistake and fixed it on April 29.- Page 117 under Inventories, says deeds should say wills.

I found another mistake on May 4, fixed May 4- pg 103 I think- Samuel married Sarah Lamb and said Mary Lamb. Also fixed in Collins Lane house where says moved half I put word house in cause it was talking first of property.

From the New Jersey Mirror newspaper, March 29, 1922-

A referendum election which has been called for April 25, at which time the voters of Moorestown, Lenola and Stanwick will decide whether they will secede from old Chester township and form "Moorestown township." If the voters decide in favor of secession, Maple Shade will be the only town left in Chester township. The legislature passed a law giving Moorestown, Lenola and Stanwick the right to call a referendum to decide on forming a new township.

The action of the legislature was greatly opposed by residents of Maple Shade, but they have not requested the right to participate in the impending election, because it appears that voters are somewhat divided on the proposed change. Thomas J.S. Barlow, one of the founders of Maple Shade, says that the town might have a hard struggle at first but must face the inevitable. The town is developing at a rapid pace. an evidence of which is the fact that more than 100 new houses will be erected in the town this year. Many persons feel certain that the town will become self-supporting quite rapidly.

From the Camden Post Telegram, Friday December 1, 1922-

Maple Shade-
Oscar Anderson, local contractor for Barlow and Company, Inc., has completed the erection of 74 houses here and has the contracts for 100 additional ones to be built in the spring.

First Maple Shade Police Headquarters

Burlington County old photos-

Courier Post photos

Really great photos Historical of area towns including Maple Shade.

Main Street Diner-

There was first a diner at the NW corner of Main St. and Forklanding Road as seen on a 1929 Sanborn map.
Then it appears to have been moved by 1944 and looks like the same diner in 1953 photos. There was another diner later on at the corner owned by George Madias.

Diner Pictures at OneDrive Cloud

Turkey Farms

There were two turkey farms in Maple Shade. One was on Orchard Ave. owned by John and Therese Martin. (Swiss French) Another was on Kings Highway owned by the Martinovich family.

Across the street from the Martin's turkey farm on Orchard Ave. was Rudy Zillincar's farm where he sold eggs. He was known as "the egg man." He left the eggs out and you took them and paid by the honor system.

The Evan Martinovich turkey farm was on Kings Highway just west of Lenola Rd. aprox. where the Iron Hill Restaurant is now.

Here are some newspaper articles on the Martinovich turkey farm-
den's OneDrive cloud

Buying "Progress of Maple Shade" Books-

If you live in Maple Shade and want to buy it-
Email me with your phone number and we'll make an arrangement for you to get a copy. They now cost 15 dollars.
-Dennis (member of Maple Shade Historical Society)

Burlington County Twps. Population for 1950, 1940, and 1930

Compare Maple Shade esp. to 1930 and see how early we turned mostly suburban! Be sure to think of the land area sizes of each of the Twps. as well!

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